What is Instabio?


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Instabio is a linking tool that allows you to display all of your content in one place. Add the Instabio link to your social media bios and your fans can access your link page to learn all about you.

An all-in-one link marketing solution to attract more fans, increase streams and grow your sales.


Create a link in minutes

1. Create your link page in 1 minute. No code, no developers.

2. Help your followers discover everything you share on the internet, in one simple place.

3. Use Instabio on social media and you won't need to change your link again.

4. Our links are shortened and friendly to make it easy for visitors to find your site.

Customize your unique page

1. Use our quick and easy editor to manage, update, and schedule your content.

2. Customize your page with professionally designed templates and a variety of content blocks to meet your business needs.

3. Use the Instabio theme editor to adapt your website with one click and better embody your brand.

Grow your business

1. Connect services like Paypal and Stripe to make it easier for people to tip and donate to you.

2. Add virtual contact details to make it easier for people to reach you.

3. A chat button can generate up to three times more leads than traditional contact methods.

4. Add a YouTube subscribe feature to rapidly grow your subscriber base.

Empower marketing with analytics

1. Easily integrate SEO and marketing tech (e.g., Google Analytics, Facebook pixel, TikTok pixel tracking) to gain audience insights.

2. Use content performance insights to make better brand and business decisions.

3. Get daily click analysis and learn which platforms drive the most results.

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