How to edit Page link?


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Click link sections to edit your link.

Click the "Customize" button.

Click Slideshows section.

You can customize the slideshow.

Click Text section.

You can customize the title and description. Don't forget to click "Save" when finished.

Click button links section.

Click "+ Add New Button" to add new button.

You can also edit icon name, button text and button link. Click "Save" when finished.

(Note: Fill in the correct link or your fans will not be able to access it.)

Click social icons section. Click "+ Add more" to add new social icons. Click "Save" to save changes.

Click the "Style" button to customize theme.. You can customize Background, Card and Text. Click the save button in the upper right corner when finished. After all the custom parts are completed, please click the publish button.

To complete all changes you need to click the Publish button in the upper right corner, otherwise your changes will not be saved.

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