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If you sign in for the first time using Facebook (without an email) or Apple, you can follow these steps to bind your email. (Note: once registered, the email cannot be bound again):

1. After logging in for the first time, go to the "Account Page" and click on "Profile Information".

2. Select "Bind Email".

3. Enter your email address and click "Add".

4. Enter the email confirmation code you received and click "Confirm"

(Note: If you have not received the Instabio verification email

• Double check that you have entered the correct email address.

• Check your email spam or promotional folders. If you find emails in these folders, please mark them as "not spam" to ensure that you receive future emails in your inbox.

• Click "Resend" to resend the verification link.)

(• The verification link we email to you will remain valid for 20 minutes. If it has expired, please re-enter your email for binding.

• If you have requested multiple verification emails, please make sure you check the most recent one.)

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