Why can't I access the membership features after paying?


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When you encounter this issue, please follow these solutions:

1. Due to a delay in the notification of payment results, your membership status may not be updated promptly. To resolve this, you can either ① restart the app or refresh the webpage, or ② click "Restore" on the subscription page.

2. If the above methods do not solve your problem, you may reach out to us for manual processing via Instagram (linkbio.co), Facebook (Linkbio), or email ([email protected]).

① For IOS users, please provide the payment time (down to the minute) and your account email.

② For Android users, you may first contact Google to explain the problem, and then provide us with your paid Google account and Instabio account or link to resolve the issue.

③ For PC users who paid with PayPal, please provide us with your PayPal account email. If you paid with Stripe, please provide the last four digits of your card number and your Instabio account email or link.

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